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Combining her personal and professional expertise, Sheryl has turned this experience into an opportunity to help both sides. Today, she specializes in teaching both employees and employers about workplace accommodations and other employment issues related to Title I of the ADA. During her career, Sheryl experienced a health condition as an employee while employed as a Senior HR Specialist which gave her the chance to see both sides of managing a health condition in the workplace. Sheryl understands the challenges of an employee managing a health condition while working and an employer trying to ensure they comply with Title I of the ADA and effectively engage in managing the accommodation process with their employees. Sheryl Ellis, ADA Compliance and HR Facilitator, has a unique perspective in managing health conditions in the workplace. With 20 years of experience as a human resources professional, Sheryl specializes in Title I of the ADA, training, and employee relations.

ADA for Employers: The Interactive Process

The interactive process is the dialogue at the center of the ADA accommodation process between an employer and employee. Sheryl teaches about how to make this process collaborative instead of confrontational and gives employers the foundation to build an ADA-compliant interactive process for their own organization that enables both parties to negotiate the most effective accommodation when available.

ADA for Employees: Helping Employees with Health Conditions Stay in the Workforce

Managing a health condition or disability while working can be a discouraging, isolating, and even frightening experience, especially when you know your condition is impacting your work performance. The ADA is designed to help, but too few employees know what ADA legal protections and support meant for them or how to make an accommodation request. Often, people do not even believe that having an “ADA disability” might apply to them!

Sheryl speaks realistically about the challenges of managing a disability or health condition while working and teaches a step-by-step path to understanding and requesting workplace accommodations under the ADA.

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