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Augmented HR Solutions, LLC develops and presents resources to help employees and employers navigate issues related to human resources in today’s workplace. We specialize in ADA compliance, complex health conditions and disability related issues in the workplace, and the ADA accommodations process.

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Book: Making It Work - A Guide for Employees
(and referenced by Employers, Attorneys, Vocational Specialists, & Disability Advocates)

Managing a health condition or disability that affects your performance at work can be challenging and even frightening. Workplace accommodations under the ADA can help.

Making It Work is an easy-to-understand guide to workplace accommodations under the Americans with Disabilities Act. It will help you:

  • Understand how the ADA applies to you and your job
  • Research, request, and negotiate a reasonable accommodation with your employer
  • Learn about special cases: service animals, temporary workforce, veterans’ issues, and the mature workforce (workers over 55)
  • Understand how to use leave and other benefits
  • Find your path to working and living well with a health condition

Author Sheryl Ellis offers guidance from her own experience as a human resources professional, a Certified ADA Coordinator, and an employee with a health condition.

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Reviewers describe Making It Work as a “comprehensive, one-source guide” and more.

Who Should Read Making It Work?

All kinds of people can benefit from the information in Making It Work, including:

  • Employees who want to understand what it means to have an “ADA disability” and whether they qualify for an accommodation

Hint: “Qualifying” for workplace accommodations is easier than you think. If you have a health condition that affects what you do every day, you probably qualify!

  • Employees who need help making it work, and who want to effectively communicate their need for an ADA accommodation so they can continue to successfully work with a health condition
  • Employers who want to help their employees be informed, educated, and knowledgeable about Title I of the ADA and the accommodation process while also assisting them in complying and reducing the risks of liability
  • HR departments who want to help employees understand the rights and responsibilities of both the employee and employer and the accommodation process under the ADA
  • HR staff who want to support their employees in requesting the accommodations they need to continue to work effectively and improve employee morale and productivity

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Making It Work: An Employee Workbook

When you purchase the book Making It Work, you gain free access to Making It Work: An Employee Workbook, a downloadable resource that includes worksheets and forms to help you prepare a request for an ADA accommodation at work and understand specifically how the ADA applies to you.

The workbook includes cross references to the book so readers can easily navigate between the book and workbook, making it easier to find solutions to their workplace accommodation needs.

The Making It Work employee workbook cover is blue, with a background image showing two hands in a handshake.